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In my serialised fictional podcast – The Diary of Roxy Collins, the main character Roxy has flown to Greece to persuade her hell-raising cousin Maggie to return home. The big question is whether there will be some romance for Roxy out in Greece?

I am a BIG fan of holiday romances in films, fiction and in real life too (pre wedlock days obviously). Holiday romances can be both life changing and memorable.

So, as a writer I thought it would be good to capture the key ingredients for bringing your characters together romantically, in a magical and faraway place.

After some extensive research for this blog post (which involved quizzing friends about their holiday romances – very tough!) I have drawn up the five stages for the standard holiday romance.

  1. Holiday Excitement / Go wild. This is the stage where your character realises that they are…

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Non-Fiction: Eating Your Greens

Corey D. Truax

You Are What You Eat.jpgI refer to, “eating my greens,” often on here.  It occurred to me that I’ve never really dedicated a day to talking about what greens are, why I eat them, and why you should too.  I thought it might be smart to generate a post we can link back to in the future.  With that being said, grab some dental floss and let’s get munching!

I credit my longtime friend MLS Weech with coining the phrase, “Eating your greens.”  I did an internet search and couldn’t find another origin to cite.  So unless he comes up with something, we’ll say it started with him (congrats bud, your legacy grows!).  Greens are simply non-fiction books.  Desserts, on the other hand, are fiction books of the genre you enjoy.  I believe in a balanced diet, but mine tends to be heavier in greens.

My approach to understanding and teaching writing is the same…

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7 Reasons Why You Should Outline Your Novel DURING Revision | A Writer’s Path

Odd Sock Proofreading & Copyediting

Another look at outlining, this time with a different approach.

by Kelsie Engen Today we’re going to talk about how to approach the next revision step: developmental edits. Basically, this means addressing the major, structural issues of your WIP before m…

Source: 7 Reasons Why You Should Outline Your Novel DURING Revision | A Writer’s Path

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Archetypes: The Mentor

Corey D. Truax

father.jpgMentors are one of my favorite archetypes.  They span in type and function wildly.  They can be good, bad, indifferent, insane, comical, and everything in-between.  Today we will look at what a mentor is, what their psychological functions can be, and offer some different types to play with.

If you’ve followed this blog for any amount of time then you know how much I love an origins story.  The origin of the mentor is a cool one!

Homer penned up the character, Mentor, in The Odyssey.  The devious goddess Athena used Mentor’s body as a meat suit a couple of times to influence major characters to pursue different courses of action.  Even when not being possessed by busty goddesses, Mentor worked as a trusted adviser to the wayward Odysseus.

I also ran the word, “mentor,” through the Online Etymological Dictionary (which is awesome if you haven’t…

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Grady P Brown - Author

I have started the third chapter of my fantasy series and the plot is quickly beginning to thicken. The main character has made several significant encounters with characters that will play big roles in the future story. Now, he will reveal to us his life with his family and how they interact with one another. Overall, my protagonist has proven to be a humble individual with simple tastes and no big ambitions. He has already proven to be a complex individual and he will continue to develop as the story progresses.

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21 Must-Haves for Your Story Structure (in 90 Seconds) – Helping Writers Become Authors

Odd Sock Proofreading & Copyediting

Must haves for story structure that can help you avoid cheesy, fatal mistakes in your story.

Who knew furry little rodents were such experts on story arc? See the three-act structure acted out to perfection!

Source: 21 Must-Haves for Your Story Structure (in 90 Seconds) – Helping Writers Become Authors

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