The Secret Writing Tool That Many Creative Writers Knows About But Won’t Talk About



Grady P Brown - Author


Imagine having the ability to detect an object or person’s weaknesses with a single glance. Then imagine using the knowledge of their weaknesses to defeat them very, very badly! For example, if you took one look at a tank, then you could theoretically dismantle it with a single tap, targeting its weak spots. In one of my superhero works, I am thinking of applying this power to a character who knows other people better than they know themselves.

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Life Of A Ghost Writer!


For all those who do not know the meaning of a ghost writer, it simply doesn’t mean we write horror stories. A ghost writer is a person who writes stories, articles or any piece of content without any credit. This writing can be for any organization or any company or for a magazine or for an online news portal! Well, after working as an entertainment ghost writer for over a year things started to get bad.

Many may argue that until and unless you are happy with your work you do not have care about your bylines. All this seems fine when you have just started exploring the world of content writing. Once you start to write for others you have to accept that you are not going to be credited for one of your best works too. I realized this when a few of my articles were reposted by…

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Bloggers are Misunderstood

Lynn Thaler

I feel bloggers are often misunderstood and I have listed a few things I wish people knew about us.

  • Bloggers are writers.  I spend time everyday writing for my blog.  That’s what makes me a writer.
  • Blogging takes talent and creativity.  It’s not easy developing relevant content on a consistent basis.
  • Bloggers are not perfect.  I put a lot of time into researching and editing my blog posts, but I still make mistakes.  I am only human.  I make mistakes.

In what ways do you feel misunderstood as a blogger?

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Naming Your Darlings: A Guide to Character Names

Kristen Twardowski


When I was young, names fascinated me. That interest did not translate into a talent for actually naming creatures. (After all, I called my first pet, a very adorable Teddy Bear Hamster, “Teddy”. Not a terribly inspired choice.) Despite my increases in age and, theoretically, wisdom, I have not improved my ability to name people, animals, or places, but as a writer, I am frequently faced with choosing appellations.

Though I sometimes pull names out of thin air, I often find myself asking several questions to decide what name is appropriate. These include things like:

  • When was the character born?
  • Where was the character born?
  • What was the character’s family like? Erudite? Of the Earth? Traditional? Revolutionary?
  • Does the family have strong ties to a particular place or religion?
  • What hopes did the family have for the character, and does the name reflect them?
  • Are there family names? (For example…

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Making Fairytales from Books

Kristen Twardowski


Many of us find books magical, but artist Su Blackwell has discovered a way to bring that enchantment to life. Blackwell is a UK based artist who creates landscapes, scenes, and sculptures from second hand books. (Though she does promise that she always reads the books before using them to make her creations!) Many of the images here come from her series “Dwelling”, which is inspired by folk stories and includes illuminated aspects.

Su Blackwell Once Upon a Time.PNG

Blackwell describes her art by saying,

su-blackwell-the-toothfairy“I often work within the realm of fairy-tales and folk-lore. I began making a series of book-sculpture, cutting-out images from old books to create three-dimensional diorama’s, and displaying them inside wooden boxes”.

“For the cut-out illustrations, I tend to lean towards young-girl characters, placing them in haunting, fragile settings, expressing the vulnerability of childhood, while also conveying a sense of childhood anxiety and wonder. There is a quiet melancholy in the…

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5 Gadgets Every Blogger Needs



Blogging is one of the cheapest businesses to set off. You don’t need much really; a domain and a minimal theme and you are good to go. But there are some gadgets you would be needing if you plan on taking your blog to another level. You won’t need to spend a lot of money because you may already a few of these gadgets already.

Here are the top 5 gadgets every blogger may need:


Having a laptop and iPad is essential to blogging for me. I do most of my blogging work on my laptop, but I use my iPad a lot when I am on the move or when I am too lazy to go on my laptop. Because I take my Laptop and iPad everywhere I go, so I can work, I like to have it protected. I use a cool custom-made skin made by the…

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Why You Should Write Everyday



As a blogger and freelance writer, writing takes up a major part of my life. My business practically runs on writing! Writing consistently has not only helped my business grow but it has also helped me grow as a person. What many people don’t realize is that writing has a lot of benefits. But to get the best out of writing, you need to write regularly, and when I say regularly, I mean everyday.
Writing 2-3 times a week or whenever you feel like it, will not give you the full benefits writing has to offer. Just to let you know why I set aside time everyday to write, I’ll share with you why it’s important to write daily.
1.    It helps you improve your writing
This is an obvious result of writing. “Practice makes perfect.” It’s also true when it comes to writing. As you write everyday, you find…

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